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The Heart of the Community 


Delaware Education Network, Inc., was founded as a nonprofit full-service educational development conglomerate. It is committed to providing platforms that allow children to believe what they dream can become a reality. Platform agendas will be pushed by integrating advanced technology and modernized methods of instruction, designed specifically for children at early childhood and school-age levels. Delaware Education Network, Inc., recognizes that the family is the first teacher of the child and believes they are the helm of their child’s educational development. We have discovered that specialized training of staff and incorporating innovative learning systems make it possible for instructors and families to work in conjunction with one another to ensure the child meets educational requirements.

Mission Statement

Delaware Education Network, Inc., celebrates the pursuit of lifelong learning.  We recognize and respect that all students have individualized needs. Our organization will not shy away 

from identifying and extracting the academic possibilities that  lie within and will therefore challenge each student to discover their creative and intellectual 

potential. We dare to move beyond the conventional childhood education by integrating modern-day methods and technology into our program that will draw attention to the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of each student. 

Our Network endeavors to establish an educational system 

that constructs and advances a powerful partnership 

between home and school.     

Core Values

Supporting Family Relationships




Organizational Practices 


Delaware Education Network, Inc., was established on developmental principles. We accept 

as true the notion that each student is exceptional.  In an effort to unveil and cultivate the gifts of each 

student under our tutelage, we employ a holistic approach to education as a means of exposing all areas of 

intelligence. With our focus being the “whole child,” we make provisions for each child to advance 

academically, creatively, emotionally, socially, and physically. 

Supporting Family Relationships 

Delaware Education Network, Inc., recognizes that a healthy family dynamic serves as the foundation for 

impending relationships and opportunities to learn. Healthy relationships are crucial to the attainment of 

social and emotional competence, self-reflection, and cognitive learning.   

Ways We Become Conscious of this Value: 

  • Observe parent-child relationships and how they evolve during the school year. 

  • We work in conjunction with the parent and student to negotiate separation issues and other transitions. 

  • Our team works hand in hand to help parents understand their child’s individual challenges and 

  • accomplishments. 

  • When a child or family encounters a particularly challenging circumstance, we schedule confidential 

  • meetings that may lead to community referrals or professional resources in the community. 


Our approach is centered on the finest educational, developmental, and psychological research and practice, with the calculated intention of supporting students in their mission with respect to learning and developing in optimal ways.  Our team makes careful observations and interact closely with their students in an effort to draw together data that explains the most optimal learning method for each child.  We encourage creativity, autonomy, individualism, as well as respect for self and community. Students are taught how to effectively manage a wide range of feelings to gain emotional strength.  We present structures and experiences that both ground and stretch each student and we value all means of exploration, discovery, and expression. Our approach to education makes it possible for parents to appreciate, facilitate, and take pleasure in their child’s development.  It also provokes each student to investigate their inner and outer worlds. 

 Ways we become conscious of this value: 

  • Our Educators incorporate observations into their daily routine as a means to understand each child’s 

  • development and to put forward meaningful learning experiences.  

  • Our Educators work in conjunction with our team and with parents to establish goals and develop a curriculum that will best serve the student in their classroom.  

  • We partake in monthly professional development seminars on a variety of developmental and educational

Communication and Community  

Our network expects it’s parents, students, and educators to have an honest and open line of communication. 

This communication requires a dedicated listening ear as well as an opportunity to engage in a line of 

questioning.  Those involved will be able to express their thoughts and feelings and move to solve problems 

together in a respectful and responsible manner.  Our classrooms are designed as a non judgment 

environment where children can ask questions and express their feelings or thoughts. The expectation is that 

the adults in our community will strive to model the behavior, integrity, and values we wish to impart in our 



Ways we become conscious of this value: 



  • Conferences of progression are held on a bi-monthly basis. 

  • The director and teachers meet weekly, both between and among themselves. 

  • Parents of each student are invited to attend group meetings twice a month. 


  • An active Parent Council works to support the school community. 

  • Our organization will host evening lecture series, given by area child development and education experts, covering topics proposed by parents. 

  • Outreach: The professionals within our Network have a long history of providing educational services,  training, and consultations to schools and educational facilities within our area.

  • We are dedicated to the ongoing development of their students. Our professionals will attend early childhood education courses, conferences, and/or seminars. 


  • Delaware Education Network, Inc., adheres to the highest ethical standards for each profession represented within the school. We will ascertain paramount business and non-profit practices are adhered to in all areas of the organization.

Organizational Practices

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