Our Approach

We believe that education is a multi-dimensional dynamic that includes the entire family. Our three tier approach is the perfect solution to creating a stronger family model.

Securing the Family

We understand that each family's financial situation is unique. However, being connected to the Delaware Education Network provides our families access to resources that will put them on a journey to financial freedom and independence. These programs will teach our families how to build and maintain good credit, the importance of having savings and other smart financial tools.

Strengthening the Family

Our Network believes that a healthy home life is important to providing stability for our children. With that in mind, we are committed to partnering with community organizations, supplying our families with resources to help them purchase homes and starting businesses. 

Managing the Family

With family dynamics constantly changing and life situations shifting at any time, The Delaware Education Network plans to make family counseling a priority. We will create spaces that support these various family dynamics, which allow our families to come together as one to navigate life and grow together.

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