Xavier Early Education Center

As the flagship division of the network, our Center will serve children and their families from ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age. This is the heart of our organization. Ideally, this is where families will enter our network, enrolling their children at the infancy level. This is where we begin to lay the foundation of education. This is accomplished by monitoring their growth and development and providing the necessary resources and assistance for their advancement.

​​The Xavier School

​​The Xavier School is a private leadership school for children, registered with the Delaware Department of Education. The private day school will cater to children between 5 years - 12 years, providing a unique educational experience to each student and their family. Each classroom will have a small student to teacher ratio to provide one on one support for each child's educational development. 

Xavier Before & After School Program

Our Before and After School Program is designed to serve as the support and resource arm of Delaware Education Network. This program is tailored to each student and offer reinforcement and alternative approaches to the classroom dynamic outside of traditional school hours. This program also gives our Network an opportunity to bridge valuable resources between home and school to assure educational success. 

Camp Xavier 

With the introduction of Camp Xavier, the camp gives families a nontraditional year-round education experience. This summer camp is designed to continue academic reinforcement while exposing students to a variety of different experiences filled with excitement, discovery, and adventure.


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